I found the above article very interesting.  It speaks to the fact that Social Media has had an incredible impact on what brand management means today and that it has what is most likely the biggest impact on changing the way we perceive brand management of any other event in business history.


The article states that when a company gets involved with social media, it can really help the brand.  In a very positive light, social media allows a company to be multi-faceted and involved on many frontiers of the internet in general.  It also speaks to say that more and more customers can be drawn in through being reached out to in the area that interests them, whether that be through Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, Instagram, or even YouTube.  However, that said, the opposite is also true.  When a company does something wrong, or mis treats a customer or situation, then through outlets like social media, the customer can very quickly inform the world of the situation and deter others from doing business with the company.  this is where companies need to stop and think about which social medias they wish to become involved with for the bettering of the company’s brand management.  Furthermore, with so many conversations going on all the time, it would be impossible for the company to be actively involved in each of them, even with a staff dedicated to that task alone.  Rather, the article suggests that companies host up to two places for general conversation where responses can be easily managed and maintained by one or two “community managers.”

MY thoughts on this are that Social Media is an extremely good and inexpensive way of reaching just about any type of audience around the world.  However, with that comes some necessary strategic planning on the part of the company.  When deciding which platforms to communicate through, unity is key.  For example, the best way to accomplish video promotion may be to go through YouTube but since Facebook has more people on it, linking the videos to a Facebook account would allow for more people to see the content faster.  By doing this, the company not only shows technical prowess but also an understanding about the best ways to utilize and integrate technology and social media together which in turn promotes the social brand and brand management for the company.  IMO, having a string community manager is the key to success.  Someone who can pout out a lot of fires and at the same time be the driving force of the forward facing side of the company.  the article did a great job of covering the logistical side of being successful through social media, but left out a bit about the importance of the people who work behind the scenes to make it all possible.